2018 Polar Bear Plunge at Lake Maloya

By Marty Mayfield

KRTN Multi-Media

The 2018 Polar bear plunge took place at Lake Maloya Monday afternoon with 17 participants in this year’s plunge.

According to Jared Chatterly the Raton Parks and Recreation Director there were 20 registered participants but three bailed seeing it was a run in the lake instead of a jump in the lake this year. He added about 50% of those doing the run were from out of town with one family from Texas participating in the plunge.

This year the water was open at Lake Maloya due to the warmer temps in the region unlike other places in the country that have seen below zero temperatures. The water temp was in the low 30s while the air temperature hovered in the lower 20s at the lake Monday with a southerly breeze to add to the chill.

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1044

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1056

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1058

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1066

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1070

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1087

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1111

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1119

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1136

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1138

Polar Bear Plunge 2018-1149

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