This, That & the Other

 Monday – Saturday @ 8:00am

tto8KRTN’s “This, That & the Other” program is like none other on radio. Sure, other stations have a similar format with calendar listings and area happenings, but KRTN carries it further. Monday through Saturday beginning at 8 AM, a parade of guests from non-profit organizations, clubs and other civic-minded groups are encouraged to walk in the door and tell the world, free of charge, all about their plans and activities.

Our never-knowing-who’s-going-to-walk-through-the-door attitude, gives TT&O a certain live edge that can’t be staged and has lead to a number of surprises down through the years. Add the “Word of the Day”, Trivia, birthdays and the Vinyl Vault and you have an idea of what’s going to happen, but anything can and sometimes does. (Within the bounds of good, family taste, of course.)

tto3KRTN has kept its turntables operating, and, in large part due to the generosity of people in the area, has a vast collection of vinyl. On a random basis during TT&O, listeners will have a chance to venture into the vault to listen to some tunes that you just don’t hear anywhere else on radio, including a few tunes that may NEVER have been played on any radio station.

Even though it’s free-form, there are a few rules and structured elements to the program, and even though there is no charge for appearances by non-profits, the fine print does read: “No charge for appearance by any non-profit organization provided no paid advertising is purchased in any other advertising media. If other advertising is purchased in any other media, KRTN reserves the right to charge for time used at KRTN’s regular rates.”

tto5There is also no charge for federal/state/county/local political candidates to appear on TT&O. Candidates may appear on two separate occasions, free of charge. No taped interviews are allowed.

Started in the early days of KRTN, TT&O carries on the mission of small town radio in providing local information and flavor and has grown to one of the more popular programs on KRTN.

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