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Alan KennyAlan Kenny 

Office: (575) 445-3652
Cell: (575) 707-1865
Toll Free: 1-800-416-1048
Fax: (575) 445-2911 

krtnsales@bacavalley.com or ak66620@gmail.com

Alan is always looking for new ways to promote our local businesses.

As a member of Media Sales Professionals, and Radio & Television Professionals Network, he looks for ways to grow our local economy.

With over twenty years of marketing, advertising, and promotional experience, Alan can help you bring your business to the forefront. He’ll help you create a promotional package that will meet your needs. This may include:

Call Alan today at (575) 445-3652 to discuss your ideas.


A Virtual Time Capsule


93.9 KRTN, Enchanted Air, Inc. radio has created an exciting opportunity – A virtual time capsule!

This is the site you’ll want to preserve those businesses, people, places and memories that have influenced and inspired you.

We’ve created our Legends Page for you to store and review treasures you deem legendary, the site you and your friends and family can always return to. The Legends Page brings it all home where it belongs.

Be a part of local Internet history forever! Call 575-445-3652 or email today and ask about the Legends Page

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