EJ Johnson, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones


Pioneer Natural Resources presents KRTN’s Super Star of Business for July:  
EJ Johnson, Edward Jones Financial Advisor.


EJ Johnson, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, and Billy D

EJ Johnson, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, and Billy D

EJ Johnson, Edward Jones Financial Advisor in Raton, was our guest at KRTN on July 23, 2015.

EJ grew up on a ranch in Alamogordo, New Mexico, moved his family to Raton and set up his Edward Jones office at 700 South 2nd Street. 

Financial Advisors
Edward Jones Investments believes that the best advice comes from someone who knows you – someone who will build a one-on-one relationship with you. You might see financial advisor EJ Johnson at Super Save, Tiger Stadium, your kid’s school or at other community events. And since most Edward Jones financial advisors live and work in the same communities as their clients, the company believes they can better understand your needs and help you achieve your financial goals.

Community Involvement
Not only are Edward Jones financial advisors part of their communities, they’re committed to making them better places. EJ Johnson told Billy D, “My family and I chose Raton. We live here, work here, shop here.” Additionally, EJ is an assistant coach with the Raton Tigers football program.

Professionally Dedicated
While these community-based values are important to Edward Jones, there’s a professional side that’s just as essential. Their financial advisors continuously build their financial knowledge. “We want to help make the world a better place,” says EJ. “We do that with investments.” Billy D and EJ discussed some of the almost-professional scams being attempted around our area – via emails and phone calls. “Investment opportunities are out there,” EJ told Billy D, “but we need to be wary” (of those scams, high risks, etc.). “If it sounds too good to be true,” . . .it is probably a scam.

If you have not had the opportunity to meet EJ Johnson, just call his Raton office at 575-445-2345. Becky (a friendly and most capable professional) will help you schedule a one-on-one appointment at your convenience. Let EJ guide you to the best opportunities out there. . . for you.

EJ Johnson III

Edward Jones Financial Advisor

(575) 445-2345 
700 S 2nd Street 
Raton,  NM   87740

One comment on “EJ Johnson, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones

  1. Marlene Jenkins says:

    E J………I heard you on KRTN this afternoon and very much appreciate your comments regarding our President elect, Donald Trump. It is time for ALL of us, no matter which party or for whom you voted for, to stand up for our wonderful country and support our new president elect. I loved your comment about how important it is for him to be a Great President, a benefit to ALL of us.
    Protesting, Rioting, Damage to Shop Owners is not the answer……what a waist in so many ways?
    I cannot imagine taking on these new responsibilities, just as they are, let alone doing so with such disregard of fairness and justice by these people who need to be at their jobs or in school! It is sad that other countries are watching this and shaking their heads, I am sure. So very sad!
    Thank you EJ for your words and thoughts, they made me feel better, at least for a short time.
    God Bless, Marlene Jenkins