LCC Submits Show Cause Report

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Creating a symbolic coincidence, last week’s Super Moon marked a milestone for Luna Community College staff who celebrated the submission of the Show-Cause Report to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The Show-Cause Order issued by the HLC in November 2017 required the College to submit a Show-Cause report no later than February 1, presenting a case for retaining its accreditation.

“With every milestone we meet, I grow in confidence that we can do everything the Higher Learning Commission has asked us to do,” said Luna Community College Interim President Ricky Serna.

The 126-page report, which is available for viewing on the College’s website, is a comprehensive document providing narrative and evidence that articulates how Luna complies with all criterion for accreditation. Included in the report are responses to the findings and concerns raised by the HLC in the Show-Cause Notification.

“This report is a plan that reflects what we’re doing now; it’s the basis on which we will get better,” said Serna.

Part of the report’s cover page reads, “Over the past several months, organizational change at Luna Community College has been expedited by a sudden realization that the institution could lose its ability to remain operational. As is the case with most life-altering experiences, being faced with dire consequences prompted changes to behaviors that have compromised the faith and trust in our collective capacity to prepare students for the rest of their lives.”

“Creating Opportunities for You!,” is so much more than a mission for Luna, it’s a moral responsibility to the rural, underrepresented and impoverished communities we serve. For so many students, Luna is the bridge between an aspiration to better themselves and the academic preparation and confidence that’s necessary to reach their goals. For many, it’s an institution that allows for them to earn a credential while raising a family, taking care of elderly relatives and sustaining a way of living that’s engrained in their identity.”

Several committees comprised of students, faculty, staff, administration and community members participated in preparing the report. Other sub-committees were tasked with addressing complex issues within criterion, for example, shared governance and transparency.

The College encourages the public to view the entire Show-Cause Order report on its website at www.luna.edu under the accreditation link.

The Higher Learning Commission will conduct a site visit on March 19-21 to validate the contents of the report.




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