Colfax County Sheriff’s Blotter Nov. 16th – Nov. 30th, 2017

• Kimberly L. Berger was arrested for a Bench Warrant near Raton.
• Jonni Valdez-Silva was summoned for Tampering with Public Records (falsely make or falsify a                record), Attempt to Commit a felony (Tampering with a public Records (issuing false copies) in                Raton.
• Jerimiah L. Atencio was arrested for Abandonment or Abuse of a Child/ Abandonment or abuse of           a child/Accessory in Raton.

• Paula Devlin was a victim of Dogs at large in Raton.
• Carlos Sanchez, Jr. was a victim of Criminal Damage to Property (under $1,000) near Raton.
• Jose A. Gallegos, Jr. and the International Bank were victims of Forgery and Theft of Identity in               Raton.
• Tyler Wilkens was involved in an accident.
• Chas W. Holman was involved in an accident in Colfax County.

Failure to Stop 1
No Insurance 1
No License 1
No Registration 2
Speeding 17
Minimum Speed 1
Improper Towing 1

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