Tiger Grant Approved by City Commission

By Marty Mayfield

KRTN Multi-Media


Raton City Commissioners met Tuesday evening, September 26th for their regular meeting and once again received good news on city finances and approved participating in the Tiger IX Grant for railroad work along the Amtrak route through New Mexico.

The second public hearing for Solid Waste Ordinance 996 was held with no public comment coming from either phone calls, email or letters noted City Manager Scott Berry. The ordinance will replace the existing ordinance and bring it up to date with the current situation of a transfer station and no land fill. It will also put some teeth in the ordinance to take care of illegal dumping.

Diana Sanchez was present to give a report on the Gate City Music Festival indicating that the event was a success and they will begin next year with about $7500, with the goal of requesting less funding from Lodgers Tax. Sanchez report indicated that there were several visitors from out of town here for the event that stayed in hotels. Of those who filled out the survey two were from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Link to full Gate City Report2017)

The August Financial was approved with a 5% increase in GRT per budget. City Treasurer Michael Ann Antonucci however cautioned commissioners that this is the time of the year that the GRT normally takes a dip. Antonucci noted that the lodger’s tax is doing well showing an increase over the last five years.  (Link to Financial Rpt Aug 2017)

Commissioners tabled the Capital Asset inventory agenda item waiting on additional information to finish the report. They then approved participation in the Tiger IX grant application that Colfax County will be this year’s applicant. The city’s match is $12,500.

Dan Campbell informed commissioners about the projects that the one cent gross receipts tax has accomplished over the years. The tax will sunset next year and Campbell is hoping to get the tax reimplemented to be used for upcoming projects. He also noted that if possible they would like to reduce the tax to 3/4 cent. The bonds that the 1-cent GRT helped pay off will be paid off in December 2018. (Link to Resolution 2017-48 Res 2017-48)

Scott Berry noted in his report that the Armory Board is hoping to have the results of the lead abatement at the armory by their next meeting in three months and will be able to turn over the building to the city. Berry was in attendance for the preconstruction meeting for the airport projects. The taxiway projects will begin in about 10 days and weather permitting will be done by the end of the year. He also noted that the health certificate is in for the community kitchen and they will now begin work on the grants to pay for equipment.

The city commission will meet again October 10, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the commission chambers and will be broadcast live on KRTN AM 1490.

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