RHS Football 2017 Preseason Interview with Coach Tori Giacomo

By Marty Mayfield

KRTN Multi-Media

It started four years ago with a new class of freshman players who had to step up and fill the shoes of those leaving the team, it was a building year for the Tigers.

Now, four years later, those freshmen are now seniors and team leaders who are looking at a big year despite a tough schedule with teams like Pampa, Texas, Socorro and new district rival Texico. Head Coach Tori Giacomo indicated that the playbook will be the same as last year but with the 30 games of experience under the senior’s belts he is hoping to be able to make some changes based on the defenses they will face.

The offense will be led by quarterback Dustin Segura with a three man backfield that will vary with the plays called. The backfield will allow the Tigers many options on the running game as well as a passing game. While in years past Raton was known as a passing team Giacomo is working on a well rounded offense mixed with passes and runs.

The defense which is also made up of those experienced seniors is showing great promise noted Giacomo. He felt like that is the team’s strong point at this early point in the season.

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