RHS Lady Tigers Volleyball PreSeason Interview with Coach Tina Dorrance

By Marty Mayfield

KRTN Multi-Media

The RHS Lady Tigers will begin their season in August this year as they travel to Santa Fe for a scrimmage at Desert Academy.

The JV will then play Des Moines and the varsity will take on Trinidad in Raton on September 2nd. This year the varsity team will be senior heavy with five seniors, Autumn Archuleta, Camryn Mileta, Camryn Stoecker, Halle Medina, and Natausha Ortega. According to Coach Tina Dorrance she will run a 5-1 offense with Camryn Mileta as the primary setter.

Dorrance noted that Mileta and Archuleta have been working over the summer to improve their performance at the net but as of yet Dorrance hasn’t set her rotation and decided on who to team up at the net. Kerrigan Weese does have some height and will be filling in up front. With the years of experience on the floor this year Dorrance is excited about the possibilities for a good season. All the seniors have played since Jr. High and the underclassmen have that same experience.

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