City-wide Burn Restrictions

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City wide Burn Restrictions


The City of Raton has, as part of their City Ordinances, Fire Restrictions. These restrictions are in force year round and do not require a special decree to activate. These restrictions apply to the Raton City and the Extra Territorial Zone (ETZ).


These ordinances limit;

The Storage of Flammable and Combustible Materials,

Open Burning,

Recreational Fires,

Open Area burning (None allowed within 50 feet of any structure)

Open Burning within an approved container (None within 15 feet any structure)

Bar-B-Qs (Must be 10 feet distance or greater from any structure)

All Fires require – Attendance – Fire Extinguisher or Water Hose


Permits are required for;


Recreational Fires

Range Management

Weed Control


Additional Restrictions or Bans may be imposed if conditions warrant.


For areas outside the Raton City limits or the ETZ, contact the Colfax County Fire Marshal’s Office at 575-245-3473. For any additional information call the Raton Fire Department at (575) 445-2708




June 9, 2017

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