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Raton City Commission Meeting March 28, 2017







A regular meeting of the City Commission of the City of Raton will be held on March 28, 2017 at 6 p.m.  The Meeting will be called to order by Mayor Mantz. The following subjects will be considered by the City Commission and may be considered in any order that is most convenient for the City Commission.

I.  Meeting Called To Order – Mayor Mantz

II.  Roll Call of the Members of the City Commission and determination of quorum.

III.  Pledge of Allegiance to the U. S. Flag.

IV.   Recognition of Visitors, Citizen of the Month and/or Presentation of Proclamation, Service Award, Congratulations, Condolences, Holiday Schedules and City/Municipal events –


  • Next Regular Commission Meeting Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 6pm
  • Maxwell Bears High School Basketball Team- 2017 NMAA-A State Champions

 V.  Comments from the General Public

VI.  Committee Reports From Commissioners:


  1. Raton Water Works: (Mayor pro-tem Segotta, Commissioner Chavez)
  2. Raton Public Service: (Mayor Mantz, Commissioner Giacomo)
  3. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board: (Mayor pro-tem Segotta)
  4. Senior Center Board: (Commissioner Chavez)
  5. Planning & Zoning Commission: (Commissioner Schuster)
  6. Housing Authority: (Commissioner Schuster)
  7. Airport Advisory Board: (Commissioner Chavez)
  8. ETZ Zoning Commission: (Mayor pro-tem Segotta)
  9. Arts & Culture Board: (Mayor Mantz)
  10. North Central NM Economic Development District: (Mayor Mantz)
  11. Library Advisory Board: (Commissioner Giacomo)
  12. ETZ Zoning Authority: (Mayor Mantz)
  13. Financial Advisory Board: (Commissioner Chavez)

VII.  Action items/Public Hearings/Ordinances/Resolutions/City Manager’s Report-The City Commission may discuss and/or take actions on the following agenda items:

A.  Approval of the March 14, 2017 Regular Commission Meeting Minutes.

B.  Deliberate and Act on Raton MainStreet’s Annual Cinco de Mayo Event.

C.  Deliberate and Act on JJAC Revised Budget Adjustment #2.

D.  Deliberate and Act on Resolution 2017-16: Approval of the February 2017 Financial Report.

E.   Deliberate and Act on Resolution 2017-17: Budget Adjustment #9 FY17.

F.  Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Discussion.

G. Deliberate and Act on NMFA Welcome Center Loan Payoff.

H.  Deliberate and Act Purchase of Transfer Station Building from CES Contract.

I.  Deliberate and Act on Acceptance of Economic Development Department MainStreet Capital Appropriation Project Grant Agreement.

J.  Deliberate and Act on Action Plan for Access to Old Pass Road/Scenic Highway.

K.  City Manager’s Report

L. Closed Executive Session Pursuant to NMSA 10-15-1(H) 2: Limited Personnel Matters: City Manager Evaluation.

M. Certification of Closed Session: NMSA 10-15-1J

VIII.  Adjournment

I, the undersigned authority do hereby certify that the above notice of meeting of the governing body of the City of Raton, New Mexico is a true and correct copy of the said notice and that a said copy of this notice was then posted on the front window of the City Hall of said City in Raton, New Mexico in a place convenient and readily accessible to the general public at all times, and said notice was posted on Friday, March 24, 2017 at 5 p.m. and remained so posted continuously at least 72 hours preceding the scheduled time of said meeting.  Said notice was posted in six public places (City Hall, Library, Senior Center, County Courthouse, International Bank, Post Office) conveniently placed for the public. Also, KRTN Radio Station and the City of Raton Website will have the agenda posted prior to respective time limits designated for regular and special meetings. Please contact the City Clerk at 445-9551 or tgarcia@cityofraton.com if you have any questions or concerns.



Tricia Mascarenas, City Clerk


RHS Cheer and Tiger Cats Dance Compete at State Spirit

By Marty Mayfield

KRTN Multi-Media

Raton High Cheer, reigning state champions in 3A cheer returned to the PIT in Albuquerque Friday morning for the 2017 State Spirit Competition along with the RHS Tiger Cats Dance team who performed Friday afternoon.

This year Raton competed against Pecos who they just beat out last year for the title. Other 3A cheer included Tucumcari, Cuba, and Clayton. The Tiger Cats Dance team is the only remaining 3A team in the state and as a result have to compete against the 4A schools of Silver City, Taos, Sandia Prep, St. Michaels and Hope Christian who have always placed strong in the competition. Other 4A schools include Morality, West Las Vegas, Thoreau, and Robertson.

Both teams performed Saturday for the second day of competition where cheer did their cheer dance routine and the dance team performed their jazz routine. Changes in the schedule from last year put the awards ceremony at the end of the day Saturday where both teams finally found out where they placed.

RHS cheer (155.49) fell to Pecos(160.78) and came home with a second place trophy while the very young TigerCats Dance (140.90) team ended the competition with an 8th place. Cheer coach Linda Ortiz was proud of the girls performance and felt they did very good as her team is also a young one with several 8th graders filling out the roster. Dance coach Sue Holland noted that the next couple of years will be rebuilding years as she is expecting several 8th graders and freshman to return to the squad. Raton is the only 3A team in the state and there has been some speculation that this might be the last year for RHS dance but coach Holland put that to rest with the new hope of the younger girls joining the squad.

2017 Spirit_Results

2nd Place RHS Cheer at the 2017 State Spirit Competition held in the PIT in Albuquerque. Alexia Marquez8th; Brianna Marquez Jr.; Frieda Barela Fr.; Gabreille Sanchez Jr.; Jennifer Acosta Fr.; Jimmie Mascarenas 8th; Joslin Mascarenas 8th; Justine Mascarenas So.; KayLee Maes 8th; Laynee Segura Fr.; Mia Maestas Sr.; Sarah Ware 8th

2nd Place RHS Cheer at the 2017 State Spirit Competition held in the PIT in Albuquerque.
Alexia Marquez 8th; Brianna Marquez Jr.; Frieda Barela Fr.; Gabreille Sanchez Jr.; Jennifer Acosta Fr.; Jimmie Mascarenas 8th; Joslin Mascarenas 8th; Justine Mascarenas So.; KayLee Maes 8th; Laynee Segura Fr.; Mia Maestas Sr.; Sarah Ware 8th Photo by Elaine Marquez


RHS Cheer in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday morning.

RHS Cheer in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday morning.


RHS Cheer in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday morning.

RHS Cheer in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday morning.


RHS Cheer in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday morning.

RHS Cheer in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday morning.


RHS Cheer in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday morning.

RHS Cheer in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday morning.


RHS Dance in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday afternoon.

RHS Dance in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday afternoon.


RHS Dance in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday afternoon.

RHS Dance in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday afternoon.


RHS Dance in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday afternoon.

RHS Dance in the PIT at UNM in Albuquerque at the State Spirit Competition Friday afternoon.


Raton Baseball at Portales Tourney

Game Stats – 3/24/17 Eunice Varsity at Raton Varsity

Box Score


Johnathan Cabriales   3  0  1  0  Mason Caperton        2  0  1  0  
Dillon Lemons         2  2  0  0  Hayden Dean           1  1  0  0  
Austin Jones          2  2  1  1  Logan Gaskins         3  0  0  1  
Jason Parker          1  1  0  1  Frankie Solis         3  0  1  0  
Cole Medina           3  1  1  1  Cristian Larrea       1  0  0  0  
Richie Gonzales       3  1  1  0  Cameron Santa Cruz    2  1  0  0  
Trevor Portillos      3  2  3  2  Jose Hernandez        2  1  0  0  
Mateous Samora        3  1  2  1  Arturo Olivas         2  1  0  1  
 Robert Horner        1  0  0  0  Manny Lujan           2  1  0  0  
Damien Martinez       2  1  0  0  *Roy Ramos            0  1  0  0  
*Dustin Segura        0  1  0  0  *Avante Stevens       0  1  0  0  
TOTALS               23 12  9  6  TOTALS               18  7  2  2

RATON VARSITY                 007 230 -- 12 
EUNICE VARSITY                040 03x -- 7  

Portillos (2), Damien Martinez, William Holland (2), Austin
Jones, Cristian Larrea. 2B--Cole Medina, Richie Gonzales.
3B--Johnathan Cabriales. HBP--Jason Parker, Trevor
Portillos, Dillon Lemons (2), Damien Martinez, Austin Jones,
Johnathan Cabriales, Hayden Dean (2), Manny Lujan, Cristian
Larrea, Cameron Santa Cruz. SACB--Jason Parker. SB--Trevor
Portillos, Dillon Lemons, Cole Medina, Mateous Samora,
Hayden Dean, Avante Stevens, Cameron Santa Cruz.

 RATON VARSITY                   IP    H    R   ER   BB   SO   HR
Cole Medina (W)                3.00    1    4    0    4    4    0
Robert Horner                  2.00    1    3    0    2    2    0
 EUNICE VARSITY             
Cristian Larrea (L)            2.67    7    7    7    2    4    0
Hayden Dean                    1.33    1    3    1    0    2    0
Brandon Ortiz                  1.00    1    2    2    3    1    0

PB--William Holland (2), Brandon Decker (4), Mason Caperton
(3). WP--Cole Medina, Hayden Dean. SO--Jason Parker, Dillon
Lemons (2), Mateous Samora, Damien Martinez, Richie
Gonzales, Robert Horner, Logan Gaskins, Frankie Solis, Manny
Lujan, Jose Hernandez, Cameron Santa Cruz (2). BB--Jason
Parker, Cole Medina, Damien Martinez, Richie Gonzales,
Austin Jones, Arturo Olivas, Logan Gaskins, Hayden Dean,
Mason Caperton (2), Cristian Larrea.

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 R H E L
Raton Varsity 0 0 7 2 3 0 12 9 6 9
Eunice Varsity 0 4 0 0 3 7 2 1 8

WP: Cole Medina, LP: Cristian Larrea, SP: –


Game Stats – 3/24/17 Sandia Prep Varsity at Raton Varsity

Box Score


Damien Martinez       4  1  1  0  Joe Martinez          4  3  2  0  
Dillon Lemons         1  0  0  0  David Sanchez         4  2  2  1  
 Johnathan Cabriales  2  0  1  0  Zech Vick             4  2  2  1  
Austin Jones          5  1  1  0  Aidan Kelly           3  2  3  1  
Jason Parker          5  3  3  0  Joseph Romero         4  1  1  1  
Cole Medina           5  1  2  1  Armando Trujillo      3  0  1  1  
Richie Gonzales       3  2  2  1  Tommy Sanchez         4  0  3  3  
Gabe Martinez         2  1  0  1  Shaw Jaramillo        3  1  0  0  
Trevor Portillos      4  1  2  1   Isaac Horstman       1  0  0  0  
Mateous Samora        3  0  3  2  Treyjan Felipe        4  1  0  0  
TOTALS               34 10 15  6  TOTALS               34 12 14  8

RATON VARSITY                 620 200 0 -- 10 
SANDIA PREP VARSITY           201 640 x -- 13 

Parker, Damien Martinez, Austin Jones (3), Treyjan Felipe.
2B--Zech Vick. 3B--Cole Medina. HBP--Damien Martinez, Gabe
Martinez, Zech Vick, Joe Martinez. SACB--Dillon Lemons,
David Sanchez. SB--Joseph Romero.

 RATON VARSITY                   IP    H    R   ER   BB   SO   HR
Dillon Lemons                  4.00    9    8    1    1    2    0
Johnathan Cabriales (L)        2.00    5    4    4    1    1    0
Josh Kelley                    1.00    5    6    1    2    0    0
Gus Walker                     2.00    6    4    4    0    0    0
Armando Trujillo               0.00    1    0    0    1    0    0
Treyjan Felipe (W)             2.67    3    0    0    1    1    0
Joe Martinez (S)               1.33    0    0    0    0    4    0

WP--Johnathan Cabriales. SO--Jason Parker, Cole Medina (2),
Austin Jones, Johnathan Cabriales, Shaw Jaramillo (2),
Treyjan Felipe. BB--Dillon Lemons, Mateous Samora, Richie
Gonzales, Gabe Martinez, Aidan Kelly, Armando Trujillo.

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E L
Raton Varsity 6 2 0 2 0 0 0 10 15 5 10
Sandia Prep Varsity 2 0 1 6 4 0 13 14 1 9

WP: Treyjan Felipe, LP: Johnathan Cabriales, SP: Joe Martinez


Game Stats – 3/25/17 Robertson Varsity at Raton Varsity

Box Score


Johnathan Cabriales   3  0  0  0  Isaiah Baca           2  1  0  0  
Dillon Lemons         1  0  0  0  Brandon Lucero        3  0  2  1  
 Dustin Segura        2  0  0  0  Richard Armijo        3  1  0  0  
Richie Gonzales       3  0  0  0  Zach Jordan           3  1  2  0  
Cole Medina           3  0  0  0  Antonio Cordova       3  0  0  0  
Jason Parker          2  0  1  0  Marcus Garcia         2  0  0  0  
Trevor Portillos      2  0  0  0                        1  0  0  0  
 Jaydon Romero        1  0  0  0  RJ Baca               1  1  1  0  
Mateous Samora        2  0  0  0  Santiago Gallegos     3  0  0  0  
Brandon Decker        1  0  0  0  Caleb Marrujo         2  1  0  0  
Damien Martinez       1  0  0  0                                    
TOTALS               21  0  1  0  TOTALS               23  5  5  1

RATON VARSITY                 000 000 0 -- 0  
ROBERTSON VARSITY             230 000 x -- 5  

Gonzales, Johnathan Cabriales. 2B--RJ Baca. SB--Dante
Romero, Zach Jordan, Caleb Marrujo, Brandon Lucero.

 RATON VARSITY                   IP    H    R   ER   BB   SO   HR
William Holland (L)            6.00    5    5    1    4    4    0
Richard Armijo (W)             7.00    1    0    0    3   10    0

PB--Brandon Decker (3). SO--Jaydon Romero, Dustin Segura,
Trevor Portillos (2), Dillon Lemons, Cole Medina, Mateous
Samora, Richie Gonzales, Brandon Decker, Johnathan
Cabriales, , Santiago Gallegos (2), Isaiah Baca. BB--Jason
Parker, Damien Martinez, Brandon Decker, Caleb Marrujo, RJ
Baca (2), Isaiah Baca.

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E L
Raton Varsity 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3
Robertson Varsity 2 3 0 0 0 0 5 5 0 4

WP: Richard Armijo, LP: William Holland, SP: –

Early Spring Storm Zaps Power & Closes Roads

An early spring storm packing high winds and plenty of moisture, affected hundreds of travelers with closed roads and knocked out power to thousands of customers for both Raton Public Service Company and Springer Electric Cooperative on Friday, March 24th.

Making an appearance in the early morning hours, the powerful storm closed northbound I-25 over the Raton Pass shortly after 5 am and then Southbound at about 11 am. With winds whipping the snow to zero visibility, Hiway 87 between Raton and Clayton was soon closed at around 11:45 am.

Raton Public Service company experienced a short outage a little before 8am because of problems to the North with Tri-State Generation, and then lost power completely until after 7 pm. The cause of the outage, according to RPS General Manager Robert Walton, was the combination of wind and heavy snow snapping a pole carrying the 69 kv line just west of Raton.  Walton said crews had a tough time getting equipment close to the pole because of the soggy, wet conditions and got bogged down and stuck several times and would not have been able to navigate and make the repair if they had not been aided by a bulldozer provided by contractor Bill Serazio.

Springer Electric also had a tough time with the weather, losing several poles and not getting power restored to all areas till late in the evening.

In Loving Memory of Loyd Wayne Jeffrey

Loyd Wayne Jeffrey, age 89, died Sunday, March 19, 2017 in Amarillo, Texas.

Funeral services will be held at 2:00 PM on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the First Baptist Church in Clayton, New Mexico with Rev. Mark Frizzell, pastor officiating. Burial will follow in the Clayton Memorial Cemetery by Hass Funeral Directors of Clayton, New Mexico.

loydLoyd Jeffrey was born on January 21, 1928 at home on the family homestead in Bueyeros, New Mexico to William Claude Jeffrey and Sallie (McMillan) Jeffrey. He lived most of his life on the ranch in Harding County near Bueyeros. Loyd married Ethel Marie (Sisk) Jeffrey on May 9, 1945 in Brighton, Colorado and she preceded him in death on October 1, 1977. He later married Janice (Curry) Jeffrey on September 3, 1982 in Clayton, New Mexico. In addition to his first wife and parents; Loyd was preceded in death by a son; Kevin Lamont Jeffrey on June 26, 1982 and a daughter; Maris Ada Jeffrey on January 15, 2007, 5 brothers; Donald Jeffrey, Cecil Jeffrey, Harold Jeffrey and Dale Jeffrey and Roy Jeffrey, 2 sisters; Dorothy Jeffrey and Vivian Kelley, a nephew; Justin Atkins and 2 grandsons; Isaac Stolp and Michael Jeffrey.


WIFE: Janice Jeffrey of Bueyeros, New Mexico.

3 DAUGHTERS: Lisa Moran and her husband Scott of Largo, Florida, Jody Stolp and her husband Ken of Las Cruces, New Mexico and Leann Earle and her husband Norman of Clayton, New Mexico.

3 SONS: David Jeffrey and his wife Ollie of Las Vegas, New Mexico, Curtis Jeffrey and his wife Gale of Des Moines, New Mexico and Steve Curry and his wife Karen of Clayton, New Mexico.

24 Grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren, 7 great-great-grandchildren

2 Sisters: Marjorie Atkins of Las Vegas, Nevada and Lily Jones of McAdams, Mississippi.

And several nieces, nephews and cousins.

MEMORIALS: The family asks that memorials be made in Loyd’s memory to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, Tennessee 38105.

Funeral ServiceSaturday, March 25, 2017
2:00 PM

First Baptist Church, Clayton
223 Oak Street
Clayton, New Mexico 88415

In Loving Memory of Donald E. Anderson

Donald E. Anderson, 85, passed away unexpectedly on March 21, 2017.

Don was born in Trinidad on November 27, 1931 to Lyle and Helen (Mitchell) Anderson.  He was united in marriage to Virginia L Fox on April 1, 1951.

Don is survived by his wife of 65 years, sons John (Debbie) and Swede, grandchildren Sarah (Cody) Plagge, Luke Anderson, Andy Anderson, and Misty (John) Ryman.  He is also survived by one brother, Howard (Swede) Anderson, six great-grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews, and a host of friends.

Anderson, Don PicDon was a businessman for many years, owning and operating the House of Glass and Paint.  He also served with numerous organizations and boards, including the TSJC Advisory Board, Chamber of Commerce and Century Savings & Loan Association Board of Directors.  

Funeral services will be held Wednesday, March 29th at 1 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church, 216 Broom St, in Trinidad with Pastor Lou Ward officiating..  Graveside service will follow at the Trinidad Masonic Cemetery.  

In lieu of flowers and food, please donate to the Organ Fund in care of the United Methodist Church or  the charity of your choice.

Arrangements made under the direction of the Comi Funeral Home.

Accepting Letters Of Interest: Subdivision Committee

Colfax County is accepting letters of interest for the Colfax County Subdivision Committee, please submit your letter to County Manager, Mary Lou Kern at PO Box 1498, Raton, NM  or email mlkern@co.colfax.nm.us or stop by Colfax County Building 230 N. 3rd St. – 3rd Floor- Manager’s office by April 10th, 2017 by noon.

Pack it in Pack it out – Keep the Old Pass Road Clean

Pack it in Pack it out   –   Keep the Old Pass Road Clean

I have read comments, I have listened to comments concerning the illegal gate on the Old Raton Pass road and the proposed gate by the City of Raton. While restricting vehicular access and traffic on a public road is not a good solution, it is the problem that has caused the gate to be placed there in the first place, that has not been addressed or talked about that concerns me more than the proposed restricted access to our public property. The Old Pass Road is property that is owned by the citizens of Raton and that as custodians of that property the City of Raton is required to protect it from vandalism and destruction of the items put in place for the public good.

The problem I speak of is the blatant disrespect and disregard for both public and private property that should be of more concern than a gate. The gate across the Old Pass Road wouldn’t even be an issue let alone a topic of discussion if it weren’t for the very few people who feel that it is their right to disrespect not only someone else’s property but the public property that they themselves as tax payers are part owners of. How would you feel if I sat in front of your property in my car and drank beer and threw the empty bottles and trash on your front yard or decided I wanted to use your house or out building for target practice? You would be royally pissed and rightly so. So how do you think the property owners along the Old Pass Road feel when someone goes up there and trashes their property along the public access? Or illegally dumps a pickup load of shingles or more dangerously shoots up a building or home or decides to build a camp fire that gets away and causes another Track Fire? WHY!!

Why have these few felt it necessary to damage and vandalize the signage at the Iridium Layer or the picnic tables along the side of the Old Pass Road. Oh yes there are picnic areas up there, I bet many people didn’t even know they existed because they didn’t take the time to go look and enjoy the scenery that is there for the public to utilize. But then again, why would anyone want to go up there to utilize the public property, that they are part owners of, when someone else has gone up there and left their beer cans or bottles or other trash or worse yet taken a sledge hammer or high powered rifle and damaged the tables so badly to render them useless. WHY!!

I drive many a remote road in my line of work and often run across a road sign or historical marker that has been used for target practice or the pull off by the historical sign is trashed with garbage and graffiti. WHY!!!  Drive to the top of Johnson Mesa and pull off the side of the road on Highway 72 and the pull off there is trashed. WHY!!  WHY is there no respect for the public lands, public property that is owned by each and everyone of us who pay the taxes to use it and protect it.

Fix this problem and that gate that so many people feel offended by, that crosses the Old Pass Road or is being proposed by the Raton City Commission, will go away. The city is only trying to protect not only the public property along the road but the private property on either side of it so that we don’t have another Track Fire from a runaway camp fire or cigarette or a shooting death because someone felt like using a house for target practice. Yes enforcement and protection of the area falls to the city since it is city property, but enforcement of the laws wouldn’t be needed if those very few people wouldn’t go up there and trash the place that they themselves are part owners of and respect the property of others.

Marty Mayfield

New Mexico fishing and stocking report for March 21

New Mexico fishing and stocking report for March 21

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Fishing report banner

This fishing report, provided by Bill Dunn and the Department of Game and Fish, has been generated from the best information available from area officers and anglers. Conditions encountered after the report is compiled may differ, as stream, lake and weather conditions alter fish and angler activities.

Check out the stocking report through March. 10. Lake levels and stream flows.

Javon Daniel

Catches of the week:

  • Bluewater Lake: Andrew Venable, 13, of Grants, caught and released a tiger muskie March 20. He was using a trout rig.
  • Caballo Lake: Nick Mondragon of Nambe caught a 23-inch walleye March 18. He was jigging a curly tail grub.
  • Conchas Lake:  Robert Stamm caught and released a 5-pound largemouth bass March 17. He was using a perch colored Shad Rap.
  • Elephant Butte Lake: Robert Bryant of Albuquerque caught and released a 6-pound largemouth bass March 15. He was using a 9-inch purple Yamamoto Senko. Gene Thomas of Truth or Consequences caught and released a 10-pound, 2-ounce largemouth bass March 16. He was fishing the Rattlesnake Island area and using a white tube.
  • Fenton Lake: Javon Daniel, 6, of Rio Rancho, caught a 21-inch rainbow trout March 16. It was his first fish of the day and he was using salmon peach glitter PowerBait.
  • Maxwell Lake 13: Jody Gray of Ute Park caught a 21-inch rainbow trout March 16. Jody was using salmon peach PowerBait.
  • Navajo Lake: Jared Fishburn, 14, of Farmington, caught a 25-inch brown trout March 17. He was using a fire tiger Rapala.
  • Red River Hatchery Pond: Townes Webb, 4, of Austin, Texas caught and released his catch of the day, a nice rainbow trout. He was using chartreuse PowerBait.

 The following catches came in late but deserve a mention:

  •  Brantley Lake: Peyton Kennard, 11, of Roswell caught and released his first largemouth bass March 12. He was using a minnow under a bobber. Jen Kennard of Roswell caught and released a 3.5-pound largemouth bass March 12. She was using a minnow under a bobber.

If you have a catch of the week story or just want to tell us about your latest New Mexico fishing experience, send it to us at fishforfun2@hotmail.com. We may include your story in our next report. For catches of the week, include name, age, hometown, date, and location, type of fish, length and weight if possible and bait, lure or fly used.

In Loving Memory of Richard Dax Bradley

Richard Dax Bradley, affectionately known as “Ricardo”, passed away peacefully on March 19, 2017.

He was born to Patricia Tapia and Kenneth Bradley on February 9, 1968 in Trinidad.

bradleyHe loved his music, especially Metallica. He also loved his dogs, Sammy and Roxie. He would stand up for the National Anthem during any football game. He absolutely loved the Broncos.  He was an excellent cook and would always make something for the Bronco games because that’s what he looked forward to. He loved to BBQ when we had family reunions and his chili was out of this world. During the holidays his family looked forward to his chili. He liked fishing and going for rides with his friends in the mountains. When he could, he was always willing to help out his friends and family. He loved his family especially his niece Holly and his nephew Zane.

He is preceded in death by his great grandmother, Soledad Maldonado, his grandparents Petra Tapia, Mike Tapia and Edith Ash. His father Kenneth Bradley. Uncle, Isidro Tapia, cousins Isidro Tapia, Rebecca Aguilar and Rena Aguilar and nephew Matthew Rivas.

He is survived by his mother Patricia Tapia and Reuben Gonzales, sister, Shawn (Mark) Cescolini, brother, Damon (Louise) Bradley, nieces, Holly Bazanele and Tyanne (Noah)Hainbach, nephews, Zane Bazanele (Alicia Campos) and Harley Bradley. Aunts, Rose (Stanley) Aguilar, Judy (Mike) Hernandez, Jennie Tapia and Betty Tapia. Uncle, Leslie (Jo-Di) Tapia, numerous cousins and special friends Shirley Casias and Ambrose Esquibel.  He also had many friends and was loved by them all.

Visitation will be Monday, from 2PM-6PM at the Comi Chapel.

Rosary will be Monday, March 27, 2017 at 7PM at the Comi Chapel

Funeral will be Tuesday , March 28, 2017 at 10Am at Holy Trinity Church.

Interment will follow at the Trinidad Catholic Cemetery.

Honorary pallbearers are Jimmy Tapia, Ambrose Esquibel, Michael Hernandez, Mark Hernandez, Les Aguilar, Danny Aguilar, Brian Tapia, Robert Aguilar, Daniel Aguilar Jr., Dameion Tapia, Drew Kohn, Austin Hallmark, Grayson Hallmark, Matthew Tapia, and Frank Dahmer.

Active pallbearers are Shane Fatur, Jude Anaya, John Tapia, John Dean Bacich, Damon Bradley and Timothy Tapia.


Arrangements made under the direction of the Comi Funeral Home.