LAC Commission Appointments Starts 2016

by Bill Knowles
WJ 250x55TRINIDAD — The Las Animas County Board of County Commissioners began filling slots on various committees and quasi-governmental agencies during the Jan. 19, 2016 regular meeting.
Commission Chair Mack Louden was chosen on a 3-0 vote to continue sitting on the executive board for the Southern Colorado Council of Governments, a position he’s held for five years.  Commissioner Gary Hill will also return as the primary representative from Las Animas County to the Board of Directors of the Otero Partners, Inc. (OPI), for 2016.
The OPI is the managing entity for the economic development of both Otero and Las Animas counties.  They manage both a business loan fund and a revolving loan fund.  Leeann Fabec, the Las Animas County Administrator, was chosen as the alternative.  Daniel Berg represents Otero County.
Kristee Coberly, the Las Animas County Treasurer was chosen to represent the county on the OPI Loan Review Committee with Commissioner Anthony Abeyta filling in as the alternate.  It was noted by Abeyta that Las Animas County had no loans out with OPI.  Part of qualifying for a loan with the partners is a refusal by a bank to grant a loan.  The regional loan fund has seen a decrease in requests for loans to establish new businesses in the two county area.
Abeyta, on a 3-0 vote was also appointed to represent Las Animas County on the Third judicial District Community Corrections Board.  The board was established by Third District Judge, Claude Appel.  The board works with inmates coming out of corrections to parole, helping them to locate housing, work, and education.
Abeyta was also chosen as the proxy from Las Animas County to work with the Sunflower Valley Pipeline Association.  The association is a mutual ditch, irrigation, telephone, electric company or like organization located in Trinidad, Colorado.
Kim Chavez was appointed on a 3-0 vote by the commission to sit as a member of the Southern Colorado Regional EMS and Trauma Advisory Council (SCRETAC).  The council develops and supports a regional EMS and Trauma care system to improve the health and safety of residents and visitors within the region.
The commissioners also voted 3-0 to award the contract for the renovation of the Department of Human Services at Fort Wooton to Maxwell Builders.  For the county it has been a lot of work, because of the historical implications of the building that is to be renovated.  “I am excited to have reached this part, the approval of the contract,” noted Fabec.
Road and Bridge Supervisor, Phil Dorenkamp, delivered the road inventory report to the commission.  The report was approved with a 3-0 vote and will now be submitted to the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Highway User’s Tax Fund (HUTF).  There are a lot of highway miles in Las Animas County according to Dorenkamp.  “We have 3,235 lane miles in the county.  That would stretch across the country from California to New York with some left over.”

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