Mitchell Museum Quick Draw a success

by Joy Gipson
WJ  250x55TRINIDAD — The A. R. Mitchell Museum of Western Art held its 5th annual “Quick Draw” fundraiser on the beautiful grounds behind the historic Trinidad courthouse on July 18.
Instead of blazing pistols being drawn, there were blazing paint brushes brandished to complete a work of art in one hour that would immediately be auctioned off and 30% of the sales would benefit the museum.  
It was a cool Saturday morning, and the lush foliage of the park enticed many art lovers to attend with their dogs.  Also attending were a black and white Clydesdale Pinto horse named “Panda” and a seven-week-old calf called Marigold who came all the way from Cimarron, New Mexico with Cara Ansell.  Marigold inspired local artist Carole Bourdo to paint his picture and he upstaged the whole event with his cuteness and curiosity.
The overall scene in the park was a work of art in itself with people in colorful hats and clothing, animals enjoying attention and praise, a woman carrying a parasol and artists busy at their easels, all matted against the background of various shades of green.  It was a scene worthy of a Monet or Renoir painting.  The atmosphere was festive and captivating with the positive enthusiasm of the crowd.     
Back at the museum there was a lively auction and all of the pieces of art were sold.  Fourteen artists participated in the event and netted over a $1,400 donation for the museum.  The audience was encouraged to vote for their favorite piece of artwork and the “People’s Choice Award” went to Paula Little, who painted a stunning still life of flowers in an oil medium.
The museum is located at 150 E. Main Street, in Trinidad.  Call 719-846-4224 or go www.armitchellmuseum.com for more information.  Feel free to contact the museum if you would like to submit a donation.  Feel free to contact the museum if you would like to submit a donation.

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