Raton Police Blotter~ April 2015

April 30, 2015


Brett Roberts: failure to notify an accident (left the scene)


April 29, 2015


Gary Sanchez: (19) Arrest Warrant/criminal damage to property 

Stephanie Atencio: (34) Three Bench Warrants/failure to appear 

Christopher Ortiz: (40) Arrest Warrant/aggravated stalking/violation of order of protection/use of telephone to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend

Alfonso Casarez: (77) driving while license invalid/revoked


Joshua D. McDonald: retraining stolen property

Sabrina Garza: driver to be licensed/no proof of insurance

Jason Bernal: no proof of insurance

Camela Alessi: speeding

Shania Sanchez: speeding

Valerie Martinez: speeding

Barbara Salano: seatbelt violation/expired insurance

Michael Rankin: invalid suspended license/no proof of insurance, expired registration

Alfonso Casarez: seatbelt violation/ invalid revoked license/child restraint 


April 28, 2015



Desiree C. Martinez: (33) Bench Warrant/failure to appear

Daniel V. Vigil: (20) Bench Warrant/failure to pay fines/ Bench Warrant /aggravated assault/ Arrest Order/failure to report

Joseph A. Rios: (28) Bench Warrant/failure to appear

David Licon: (22) Arrest Order/failure to report



Burglary (commercial)

Criminal damage to property



Gilbert Romero: dog at large/no city dog tags

Desiree Duncan: no city dog tags

Marissa Mares: suspended/revoked license

Sandra Benavidez: speeding/no proof of insurance/expired registration

Tiffany Maldonado: seatbelt violation

Jesus Perez: seatbelt violation/no proof of insurance


April 27, 2015



Sandy C. Sandoval: (35) Bench Warrant/failure to pay fines

Gary Sanchez: (54) Arrest Warrant (Cimarron)/ larceny

Jacob Salas: (33) Bench Warrant/failure to complywith probation conditions

Kenneth L. Segura: (24) Bench Warrant/failure to appear

Preston Martinez: (19) unlawful taking of a motor vehicle

Jordan Mendez: (19) DWI (1st offense)

Merissa S. Mares: (21) Bench Warrant/failure to pay fines

Erin Vigil: (27) Bench Warrant/failure to appear



Criminal damage to property



Aaron Cordry: driving while license suspended/revoked

Mitchell Maye: no proof of insurance

Lorena Marquez: dog at large

Shauna Romero: no city dog tags (4counts) dog at large (2 counts)

Leroy Martinez:  failure to signal/expired registration/child restraint

Merissa Mares: invalid suspended license

Preston Martinez: invalid suspended license (2 counts) /no proof of insurance (2 counts)

Sandy Sandoval: invalid suspended license

Jose Sanchez: failure to stop

Joan Roman:  seatbelt violation/ no proof of insurance

Michelle King-Verdin: speeding

Roberta Trujillo: speeding

Kerri Martinez: speeding

Steven Gutierrez: driver to be licensed

Jaymi Chavez: seatbelt violation

Hubert Licon: seatbelt violation

Alfred Torres: seatbelt violation /no proof of insurance

Carla Segotta: speeding

Jordan Mendez: careless driving 


April 24, 2015



Antonio Garcia: (40) Arrest Order/reporting

Aaron Cordry: (41) driving while suspended revoked

Carlos Sanchez: (52) resisting/evading/obstructing an officer (2counts)



Antonio Garcia: invalid suspended license/no proof of insurance

Larry Archuleta: suspended driver’s license/no proof of insurance/expired registration

Wendy Horner: expired registration


April 23, 2015



Johnny A. Vigil: (30) driving while license suspended/revoked

Fabian Acevedo: (47) Battery against a household member

Levi Martinez: (33) Bench Warrant/failure to comply with conditions of release




Tampering with evidence

Battery against household member (3 incidents)



Matthew Cornay: dog at large/no city dog tags

Shana Trujillo: no proof of insurance

Brittany Romero: speeding /no proof of insurance

Kayla Valdez: speeding/ driver to be licensed/no proof of registration or insurance

Eddie Lawrence: speeding/no proof of insurance

Kristin Ortega: speeding /driver to be licensed 


April 22, 2015



Criminal damage to property



Mariah N. Vigil: criminal damage to property

Patricia Trujillo: failure to use turn signal/invalid suspended license

Louisa Medina: seatbelt violation/expired registration/suspended revoked license/equipment violation (windshield)

Max Ortega: expired registration/driver to be licensed/no proof of insurance

Laurie Martinez: stop sign violation

Joan Logghe: failure to stop at flashing red light (school zone)

Ashley Mondragon: stop sign violation

Amber Segura: no proof of insurance

Debra Trujillo: invalid/suspended license

Marie Jack: expired tags 


April 21, 2015



Joshua B. Sanchez: (25) Bench Warrant /failure to appear



Gilbert Romero: dog at large/no city dog tags 

John Smith: no city dog tags

Jacob Van Swedan: driver to be licensed/no proof of insurance expired registration

Leo Segura: no proof of insurance


April 20, 2015



Nicholl J. Sanchez: (34) Arrest Order/drugs

Shaun Ortega: (29) Battery against household member

Paul Roybal: (34) Battery against household member

Michael Martinez: (32) Bench Warrant/failure to appear

Austin Romero: (23) driving while suspended/revoked

Paul Palladini: (50) driving while suspended/revoked  

Christopher Chavez: (26) San Miguel Warrant/larceny/criminal damage to property/criminal trespass

Jerry Armijo: (54) Bench Warrant/failure to appear



Joseph F. Pacheco: larceny/falsely obtaining services

Paul Palladini: suspended/revoked

Patrick Padilla: driver to be licensed

Austin Romero:  speeding/ suspended/revoked

Maria Valdez: invalid/suspended license/no proof of insurance/registration

Patricia Mares: speeding /no proof of insurance /driver to be licensed

Preston Martinez: invalid/suspended / no proof of insurance

Ronald Seidel: seatbelt violation

Courtney Larson: no proof of insurance

Jose Trujillo: seatbelt violation

Robin Pilley: no proof of insurance

Jason Bernal: stop sign violation

Geraldine Arguello: stop sign violation

Mariah Sanchez-Vigil: child restraint

Todd Molitoris: no proof of registration

Leroy Fernandez: expired registration

Marina Quintana: stop sign violation

Jose Trujillo: expired registration 


April 17, 2015



Rudy Medina: (50) suspended revoked license/possession of drug paraphernalia



Nicole Marquez: falsely obtaining services/larceny

Preston Martinez:  Invalid-suspended license (2 counts)

Cayla Phillips: invalid-suspended license

Johnny Pacheco: no city dog tags

Bobby Sisneros: seatbelt violation

Jesus Candelario: expired registration/no proof of insurance/child restraint

Francisco Hernandez-Perez: seatbelt violation

Jesusita Barraza: seatbelt violation/no proof of insurance

Savannah Vasquez: seatbelt violation

 Domenique Barela: seatbelt violation




Falsely obtaining services


April 16, 2015



Kelly D. Gonzales: (18) aggravated battery/tampering with evidence/battery



Wesle Encinias: seatbelt violation/stop sign violation 

Shauna Martinez: vicious animal (3counts) /no city dog tags (3counts) and dog at large (3counts) 

April Salazar: dog at large (3counts) 


April 15, 2015



Matthew Munoz: (30) Arrest Order/drugs tested positive



Andrew Madrid: dog at large (2counts) no city dog tags (2counts)

Agnes Romero: aggravated battery/criminal damage to property

Joyce Sedillo: red light violation



Burglary (1000 block Dwyer)

Criminal damage to property (3 incidents)

Falsely obtaining services


Receiving stolen property/tampering with evidence


April 14, 2015



Stephen Draper: (37) Arrest Warrant/trafficking methamphetamine/tampering with evidence/possession of controlled substance/possession of drug paraphernalia



Jeana Hood: aggravated battery

Jeff Garcia: no city dog tags

Vanessa Sanchez: failure to stop/no proof of insurance

Jose Flores: invalid suspended license/expired registration/ no proof of 


April 13, 2015



Ronnie Cruz: (52) driving while license suspended/revoked

Julian Roy Chavez: (39) Arrest Order /failure to report

Christopher D. Ortiz: (33) Colorado Arrest Warrant/unlawful possession of a weapon resisting/evading /obstructing an officer (2counts)



Fidel Chavez: suspended driver’s license/no proof of insurance

Antonio Garcia: invalid suspended license

Bobby Sisneros: invalid suspended license

Solomon Marquez: invalid suspended license

Francis Mendez: seatbelt violation

Eduardo Gutierrez: expired registration

Oneisha Fernandez: equipment violation (brake light out)

Annya Tafoya: stop sign violation

Jolynn Torres: speeding



Criminal damage to property

Burglary /residential  (200 block of Washington) 


April 10, 2015



Thomas E. Barker: (30) Arrest Order/failure to report

Trafficking /tampering with evidence/possession of controlled substance/bringing contraband into jail/ resisting/evading/obstructing an officer

Joe Bob Cowen: (44) Arrest Order/drugs

Robert J. Johnson: (43) Arrest Order/drugs/state laws

Daniel E. Avila: (25) driving while license suspended revoked



Sandra Garza: stop sign violation/driver to be licensed

Antonio Garcia: suspended license

Daniel E. Avila: driving while suspended/revoked 


April 9, 2015



Salvador W. Archuleta: (64) Battery upon a health care worker



Leo Jiron: no city tags

Joe Jefferson: no proof of insurance

Linda Sandoval: seatbelt violation

Jerry Salas: child restraint

Jacob Salas: speeding 


April 8, 2015



Thomas Lee Marquez: (26) Arrest Order /parole violation drug test

Bryan A. Encinias: (23) Bench Warrant/failure to pay fines



Ramona Duran: speeding

Johnny Vigil: failure to signal


April 7, 2015



Rodney Keck: (21) Bench Warrant/failure to comply with conditions of release

Domingo Saenz: (20) Two Bench Warrants /both for failure to appear



Gabrielle Gallegos: expired registration /no proof of insurance/operator to be licensed

Kerri Morgan: expired registration/no proof of insurance/suspended invalid license

Fidel Chavez: invalid suspended license/no proof of insurance

Juan Gutierrez: operator to be licensed

Matthew Alderette: failed to stop at red light



Criminal damage to property 


April 6, 2015



Preston R. Reno: (36) Arrest Order / drugs

Andrew J. Herrera: (27) Arrest Order/drugs 

Orlando Eugene Sanchez: (35) Bench Warrant/failure to comply with probation conditions

Brian Garcia: (31) Arrest Order / drugs

Joseph N. Montoya: (26) Two Bench Warrants for receiving/transferring stolen vehicle/receiving stolen property and possession of controlled substance / Arrest Order/reporting/status.Resisting evading obstructing an officer (three counts)



Joseph Montoya: suspended license/no proof of insurance

Ricky Robinson: suspended license/no proof of insurance

Fidel Chavez: suspended license/no proof of insurance /expired registration

Joseph Dilisio: no proof of registration

Leo Marquez: no proof / expired insurance /driver to be licensed

Tomi Jo Trujillo: invalid suspended driver’s license

Ruby Dykes invalid expired driver’s license



Burglary residential (1100 block of Whittier)

Criminal damage to property 


April 2, 2015



Randall A. Cramer Jr.: (38) Arrest Order / drugs



Desiree Martinez: dog at large/no city dog tags

Jose Islas: dog at large / no city dog tags

Alias Cruz: seatbelt violation

Donna Trujillo: suspended license/no proof of insurance

Adelina Stock ton: stop sign violation

Juel Ortega: stop sign violation

Wendell Woodworth: driver to be licensed



Criminal damage to property


April 1, 2015



Brook Mondragon: (40) Arrest Warrant/trafficking/distribution of controlled substance/tampering with evidence/possession of controlled substance (2counts)/possession of drug paraphernalia

Jack Christopher: (40) Warrant for Arrest/ 13th Judicial District Court /County of Cibola/failure to pay child support

Zachariah V. Holderby: (33) Aggravated battery

Peyton R. Rodriguez: (44) possession of controlled substance/possession of drug paraphernalia/Bench Warrant / reviewing conditions of release 



Audrey Rodriguez: no proof of insurance/equipment violation (broken headlight)

Jason Bernal: failure to signal

Jacob Salas: larceny / tampering with evidence



Criminal damage to property

Aggravated battery 

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