Hot Yoga on Main is Pioneer Natural Resources Super Star of Business

Hot Yoga on Main
Pioneer Natural Resources Super Stars of Business

Gina Ojeda is the manager of Hot Yoga on Main, located at 502 W Main St in Trinidad. She is our Super Star of Business for March 27, 2014

Hot Yoga on Main offers 24 classes a week at the studio and is expanding to Raton. They will be offering 3 classes a week at the Raton Regional Aquatic Center. They will be on Tue and Thu at 5:30 PM and Sat at 11 AM. The classes are starting April 1st and will be for every ability and age. A separate class will be held for kids 6-12 in the shallow pool.

The nurturing environment of the water provides a peaceful, calming effect on the body and little to no impact on joints, especially knees, hips, and ankles. Weightlessness in the water allows for joint access, muscle lengthening and organ toning.

The Raton class will be a combination of Yoga and Tai-Chi. This is great for all body types and abilities including Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, anxiety/depression, pre and post natal, post surgery anyone with muscular or joint limitations. Aqua Yoga/Tai-Chi is therapeutic; helping heart & circulatory conditions, respiratory problems, aids in relieving pain from arthritis and muscle aches and subsides stress and pacifies insomnia.

The classes offered at the studio range from chair yoga to the intense Pilates & Yoga combination called Pro-Strength. They have a class for every level and it is easy to progress from one to the next.
The Warm and Gentle class is peaceful and restorative, the room is heated to 80-90 degrees while the Hot Yoga Healing Flow combines pranayama (breath work), relaxation and energetic vinyasa in a studio heated to 95-105 degrees with 40-50% humidity.

Another excellent class for beginners is “Journey through posture and alignment”. This class will take you on a journey through correct alignment. You align your intentions with your nervous system as well as aligning your body, mind and spirit.

Kids have a class all their own called Yoginos. An OHMazing interdisciplinary yoga curriculum in English, Spanish and Sanskrit. The instructors weave together songs, dance and music to promote flexibility, strength, balance, and wellness on and off the Yoga mat.

Gina started college with a plan to be an elementary school teacher. After being introduced to yoga, healing herself, and wanting to share this with others, changed her direction. She practiced Yoga for two years before becoming an instructor. Originally from Albuquerque, she now lives in Raton and is thrilled to share her passion in Trinidad and now Raton. Gina is certified to teach Yoga, Tai-Chi and is also a massage therapist. She invites you to join a class to learn more about Yoga and yourself. Her goal is to teach others how to breathe and love themselves.

 “Ohm” is the sound of the universe and is a healing vibration…. a great place to start your healing process

Checkout the webpage for classes and more information.  www.hotyogaonmain.com

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