Care for the Caregiver Retreat at Mandala Center

Care for the Caregiver Retreat at the Mandala Center March 29 , 2014
Guest speakers Fr Tim Sexton and Hilece Rose RN

Care for the Caregiver is sponsoring a day of rest and relaxation for all care givers.
You are cordially invited to join us for events that are designed to relieve stress and rejuvenate those who continuously care for other. Come for one session or for all! If you would like to stay for lunch the cost is $15 and please RSVP to 575-278-3002 The program is free of charge.

10 to noon – presenters will be Fr Time Sexton & Gabrielle Herbertson
Fr Tim is a priest in the Episcopal Church who currently serves the Holy Trinity Church in Raton, as well as being the Chaplain for Ambercare hospice in Raton. His presentation “Hope for the journey” will engage us in discovering some of the tools and resources we need for the days ahead.

Gabrielle Herbertson is a poet, essayist, storyteller and writing teacher. She taught in Taos for 30 years and is currently writing poetry and essays, working with an alliance on a book combining memoir and guiding support on the healing journey from grief and loss. Her experiences have led her to discover that the writing process, undertaken with sincerity, is a path to the inner self. Our stories are our own mythic journeys, with our trials and triumphs, lessons, helpers, shatterings, deaths and resurrections. And all along, being forged in secret upon this path of fire is our gift to bring back to the world.
She will be guiding us in a creative writing exercise related to expression and relaxation in our lives.

1 to 4 – presenters will be Hilece Rose, Pam Harkness, Ellen Wood and Martha Shepp

Hilece Rose an RN for 25 years currently works at the MCMC LTC. She has 40 years of meditation practice coupled with a deep interest in supporting the healing of others.

Pamela Harkness is a local message therapist and founder of Harmony Path inc. After lunch Pan and Hilece will guide us into a meditation resonating with the sounds of harp and crystal bowls.

“Live Happy” will be the final presentation by Ellen Wood and Martha Shepp. Ellen will give 7 secrets for de-stressing and rejuvenating one’s life and feeling joy for no reason. Her book “Think and Grow Young – powerful steps to create a life of joy” won the Gold Nautilus Book Award.

Martha is a performing artist and pianist that will feature some of the Masters during the playful presentation. These two “Joyfulness Sisters” say: Sometimes you just need a good laugh. So don’t suppress it – go ahead and laugh out loud!

During breaks you can walk the labyrinth, get a foot massage, just relax, visit or be silent.

 Hilece Rose RNFr Tim Sexton

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