Colfax County Rapid Response

The Colfax County Rapid Response team is out and about collecting signatures on a petition to be presented to the County Board of Commissioners.  If you are not contacted by one of the team members, or see them at various locations, stop by the office. For your information ISO means Insurance Services Office, who  establishes the ratings for fire insurance.  We are fortunate to have this group of dedicated members ready, willing and able to protect us and our properties from the fires that will occur in the area.

They would like to gather 300 signatures before going to the Commissioners.  Let’s help them out.  We have a copy of the petition in the KRTN office. – Debbie

The petition reads as follows:colfax county rapid response training

To Colfax County Board of Commissioners:

We the undersigned would like to petition Colfax County for the creation of a fire district which would encompass the extra-territorial zone of the City of Raton, along with some of the surrounding area as shown on the attached map.  This would provide funding for the newly formed rapid response team, and would not affect the ISO of any of the structures in the proposed area.


The Colfax County Rapid Response Team has been working closely with the Raton Fire and Emergency Services, and will continue to do so with the automatic aid agreement.  We have also been assured by the State Fire Marshal’s office that the ISO will not go down in the area, and will most likely improve for some of the residents.


We thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.

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