In Memory of Jeffrey E. Bright

Jeffrey E. Bright 

Raton, New Mexico – Jeffrey E. Bright, 71, peacefully passed away at his home, surrounded by friends, on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014.

Jeffrey was born Feb. 26, 1942 in the United Kingdom. Due to the wartime blitz, Jeff’s mother was evacuated to Walthamstow where Jeff was born, causing him to be born at a distance from the family home that would have clearly defined his cultural origin as a Cockney, which required that he be born within so many feet of a particular church in a district of London.

He was the son of Len and Susie Bright. Raised in the Cockney district of  London, he followed the Beatles to America in the mid-1960’s and settled in Deering, N.H. Never losing his Cockney accent, this tall, thin, ginger Englishman with the turquoise tattoo on his ear always stood out and enlivened the world of many people wherever he went.

          Jeff was proud to have bolted from his humble beginnings. He went to sea as a young man, working as a steward on the Royal Mail Line. A born traveler and adventurer, he would eventually visit every continent except Antarctica. Besides Deering, Jeff also lived in Concord and Allenstown, NH, as well as New York, NY, Nantucket, MA. and Las Cruces and Raton, NM. He became an American citizen in the early 1990’s.

          In Raton, he worked with children as a social worker and is remembered fondly by his co-workers and the many young people whose lives were deeply influenced by his presence and love for people.

          He also loved music, movies, books, travel, women, dance, conversation, friends, knowledge, nature…, in short, life itself. A man of many talents, Jeff was also a silversmith, ship steward, carpenter, counselor, therapist, aerobics instructor, painter and video store clerk. He held degrees from New Hampshire Technical Institute, Springfield College of Massachusetts, and New Mexico State University.

          Married and long divorced from Betsy Neville of Deering, NH, Jeff leaves behind no children. He is survived by brother Richard of Thailand, sister Jenny of London, and his favorite niece Samantha of London, with many, many friends, scattered all about the world.

Friends will remember the twinkle in his eye, his wide and ready smile, and his readiness to help, talk, or try something new. A generous and unique soul, Jeff brightened the lives of many, both professionally and personally.

A small gathering of friends occurred in Raton on February 23, and another will follow shortly in New Hampshire. 

One comment on “In Memory of Jeffrey E. Bright

  1. Richard Woodman says:

    So saddened to hear the news of Jeph’s passing. He and I were former work colleagues at the Sterling Group in London in 1968/9. We used to wander round Soho and Carnaby Street in our lunch break trying to be cool in swinging sixties London. He was a bit older than me and I thought he was really cool when at the ripe old age of 27 he bought a pair of green velvet flared trousers (pants to you guys). He was a great support to me at a time of personal difficulty but we then went our separate ways. We found each other again about 10 years ago through the Friends Reunited website and met up several times in Brighton on England’s South Coast near where I live. We last met up in August last year and again shared some happy memories. Shame I never got to give him the cd I burned of some stuff by the origiinal Fleetwood Mac He would be amused if I signed off simply by saying “Another One Bites The Dust” (and as performed by Queen). His spirit will be somewhere out there looking to do good things and listening to good music.