The State of MCMC, expansion, recruiting and medical needs

By Marty Mayfield

KRTN Multi-Media

Miners Colfax Medical Center CEO Shawn Lerch presented the State of MCMC address in a report to the public on Wednesday, January 29th in the Acute Care Center’s front lobby.  In his address, Lerch explained the mission of MCMC,  the biggest employer in Colfax County.  He went into the financials and some of the issues MCMC faces in recruitment of doctors and nurses to a rural area. Lerch also set forth specific goals, some lofty, but if attained will bring some exciting additions to health care for Northeastern New Mexico and Southeastern Colorado.



Lerch also explained that as a state facility pay scales are not as competitive as private organizations and face other challenges in recruitment to a rural area. He went on to explain how MCMC uses foundations to help with that recruitment by offering sign up bonuses and other expenses of locating a doctor and family to a rural community that as a state facility MCMC can not offer.



To meet the medical needs of a rural area MCMC will be working to expand some of their services including these capital improvements:


As well as building a Rural Health Clinic that will go into the design phase soon and are hopeful to begin construction later this year. With the demise of many behavioral health services this last year in New Mexico, MCMC will begin working on expanding into those services as well. 


Lerch added we cannot do this alone and is looking to partner with others in the region, including those in Las Animas and Huerfano counties in Colorado to create economic and medical benefits for the area. 

View the complete video and learn more about MCMC’s finances, plans and concerns for the future of medical care in Raton, Colfax county and the surrounding area. 




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