Raton City Commission Meeting 8/26/2013

The Raton City commission met on Monday 8/26/2013 at 7 pm due to a schedule change so commissioners could attend a meeting on Tues  8/27/2013.


The first order of business was to swear in the new Raton City Treasurer: Michael Ann Antonuci and the new City Clerk: Tricia Garcia. 


Mayor Bob Ledoux and Commissioner Neil Segotta discussed the possible loss of sales tax that is normally refunded by the State of NM, thus causing the municipalities to increase taxes by as much as 10 cents on the dollar to cover the shortfall.  Both stated that efforts are being made to fight this change, citing that it would be devastating to municipalities.


The Gaming Commission meeting was attended by Raton representatives and a plea was made to return racing to Raton. Mayor Ledoux sated that Raton was the only municipality there and the Gaming Commission took notice of that.


Lee Phelan, Chairman of the Lodger’s Tax Board made a presentation for Civis Plus to construct a new website for the City of Raton.  Phelan stated that the present site is not functional or user friendly.  The company will design the website, supply customer service, unlimited online training and redesigned/updated every four years at a cost of $21,000. the first year and $4,000 a year thereafter.  The money will come out of the Lodger’s Tax.  Lodger’s tax monies will also be used to pay for radio advertising on KCRT, in the amount of $3750.  The Commissioners voted and approved the proposals. 


Big news was announced that Raton will again have a paper.  “The Raton Comet” is coming, owned by the Santa Fe New Mexico Newspaper, with Lisa Morales as General Manager.


The Raton Water Works, Dan Cambell, discussed the turbidity issues that we have experienced.  Mayor Ledoux and City manager McGowen thanked him and Anthony Bustos for their hard work during the water issue.


RPS General Manager David Mitchell and Kathy McQueary answered questions and concerns about the utility bills and comments made by Wayne McMurty and Stella Sintas. 


Other reports included a Parks and Rec report by Commissioner Chris Candelario that 60 participants competed in the recent horseshoe tournament. 


City Manager McGowen stated that an audit for the City is presently being conducted.  The Old Pass Gallery roof is a priority and that they were meeting with engineers and bids were going out for the repair. The City Manager also stated they were working on an agreement concerning the Senior Citizen’s Center.


The Mayor commended Fire Chief Jim Matthews for conducting EMT training at the Raton High School, and offered condolences and prayers for the family of Anthony Coronado who was a Lt. in the Colfax County Fire Dept…  Mayor Ledoux also commended Commissioner Mance and her husband for their years of volunteer work in the local soccer program.


The Mayor also announced that Senator Martin Heinrich will be in Raton this Friday.


The commission then moved into Closed Executive Session to discuss

Litigation. -Horse Racing at Raton Warranty Deed and Property-Mark Van Buskirk Land Proposal.


The next City Commission meeting will be on Tues. Sept 10 at 6PM and will be broadcast on KRTN AM 1490.



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