Raton City Commission Special Budget Meeting

By Marty Mayfield
KRTN Multi-Media

The Raton City Commission met Friday at noon in the commission chambers to handle budget matters that required their attention before the end of the month.

Commissioners approved a budget adjustment as well as a Raton water works budget adjustment. They then approved the May and June financial reports.

With a unanimous vote commissioners approved the final Raton city budget of $4,519,072, up just a mere $124,000 over last year’s budget. The city is expecting revenues of $4,519,072 and expenditures of $4,418,633.

The city is required to keep $368,219 or 1/12 of the budgeted amount in reserves. According to City Manager Butch McGowen if they had not received the $461,000 insurance money from the freight building insurance the city would be below their required 1/12 reserve requirement causing the state to take a hard look at Raton’s finances.

Mayor LeDoux once again commented that this commission is having to deal with decisions of the past commissions. Indicating they made the best decisions they could at the time with the information they had. The economy simply isn’t what it could be.

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